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Spring Awakening of the Soul

Spring awakening


Spring has finally arrived. It’s been slow to arrive through erratic weather.

I’ve been traveling in the past month throughout the middle of the US for different reasons. The weather has been kind of crazy. On the first day of spring we experienced three inches of snow in Ohio. At a conference in Illinois, the nights were cold with warmer days. Lots of rain and changing temperatures throughout the month in Arkansas, sometimes switching from heat to air conditioning in the same day. Surprising warmth heading north to a conference in Nebraska. Back home now, the dogwood tress are beautiful and temperatures are rising.

Spring arrived in due time.

One thing I’ve enjoyed in these interstate travels was the unfolding of the next season. Everyone wondered if spring would come to stay. I’ve witnessed the beginning of spring three times in different state The trees in the mid-south are greener than the later blooming ones in the north. Each is awakening at their right time after the long winter.

Sometimes I feel like hibernating when dreariness of a season drags on. My attitude becomes stale and motivation gets stuck. At times I long for my soul to awaken again like the fresh blooms of spring.

Awake in spring
Morning walks and devotional time put me in touch with the Lord in a fresh way through creation—the songbird’s symphony and beauty of the awakening world with tiny green leaves.

Awake, My Soul!

The soul awakens once again to the vibrancy of life, gaining a new perspective.
God promises newness in these Bible verses:
Spring:God Promises Newness
When the soul awakens, the smile is brighter and eyes sparkle with hope. The heart is joyful.

How do you awaken your soul to the goodness of God?

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