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Endorsements for The Grace Impact

What others have said…

“If you feel imperfect and need some grace or if you deal with imperfect people, imperfect circumstances in this imperfect world and desire to be a grace giver, Nancy Kay Grace extends the grace of God to us all.”

—Pam Farrel, author of 40 books including 7 Simple Skills For Every Woman and Becoming a Brave New Woman

The Grace Impact is a first-grab option for times when life’s harshness assaults your soul. Full of stories, analogies and word-pictures to help you dissect your pain, each daily dose provides hope and help for a wounded heart.

—Marnie Swedberg, International Leadership Mentor

In thirty well-written chapters, Nancy Kay Grace shows us how to receive, live and walk in the favor and kindness of the Father…Nancy demonstrates this reality through her touching stories and wonderful biblical insights. Let God’s grace captivate you through this powerful book.

—Kurt W. Bubna, Pastor and Author, Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot and Mr. & Mrs.:How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage

Nancy brings grace to life for the reader. This book, working alongside the Holy Spirit, will make grace more than just something you talk about.

—Lindsey Bell, author of Searching for Sanity: 52 Insights from the Parents of the Bible

Nancy does a great job in her book The Grace Impact of bringing relatable and heartwarming experiences of Grace connected with the relevant scriptures to help us understand this wonderful God given gift. A great 30-day investment of time.

—Steve Chapman, executive director, and Pam Chapman, United Marriage Encounter