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5 Ways to Draw Near to God in Quietness

Draw Near to God in quietness

Quietness is hard to find. With the constant stream of information and music on the internet, the busyness of our lives, and impatience in our souls, quietness escapes us.The fast pace of life leaves us exhausted at the end of the day. We are emotionally worn out with little energy left for our important relationships. As […]

Choose Faith and Hope

Choosing Faith and Hope over Despair

What do you turn to when you learn of yet another tragedy, be it the force of hurricanes, earthquakes, or tragic massacre of innocent folks? Questions arise in our shock. How can we understand it?What is your refuge when your peace is shattered?Whenever a major tragedy occurs, I am glued to the news. I marvel […]

Transitions Abound

Transitions abound during this time of year.The summer routine is over as the school year begins. Bedtimes become more regular.Kids are in different classrooms with new teachers.Students go to college, some for the first time on their own leaving concerned parents behind.Some families move from one location to another, from one state or country to […]