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Seven Questions for Year-End Review

Year-End Review Questions

A year-end review enlightens us with understanding for future days.Learning from the past helps prepare us for the new year. God guides us through as we look to Him.A year-end review is valuable. The process takes some time, but looking back over the past is beneficial. Does it sound intimidating? A simple plan will help you […]

The Wonder of Grace at Christmas

The Wonder of Grace at Christmas

Recapture the wonder of grace.Twinkling lights on the tree, sounds of joyful Christmas music, and the aroma of sugar cookies baking in the oven create a calm atmosphere in the home during December.We yearn for this kind of serenity, but all too often,  the reality of life is the opposite. The more common scenario is […]

Perfect Love, The Gift of Christmas

Perfect Love, the Gift of Christmas

Perfect love came a a gift through the child in the manger. God gave the purest gift to us, but many do not receive the gift.Who doesn’t love to get gifts at Christmas? What is motive for giving the gifts?Sometimes we give gifts because we think we have to give, like at an obligatory Christmas party. We […]