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Spiritual Mothers

Spiritual mothers

Spiritual mothers leave an imprint on many lives. Their legacy spans generations through their faith in God.

What does it mean to be a spiritual mother? It is intentionally investing in another woman with love and wisdom. It is letting the fruit of the spirit of a godly woman influence another person toward their spiritual growth.

I’m grateful for the older women who have impacted my life as spiritual mothers.

One lady was Frances McDonald, a gentle and loving saint who went home to the Lord last year. I learned many faith and life lessons from her. This photo was taken in 2009.spiritual mother

Titus 2:3-5 offers guidance through Paul instructing Timothy to ask older women have godly influence on younger women. The instruction is valid today for women to mentor others in living the Christian life. We need each other and are encouraged to invest in each other’s lives.

Spiritual mothers

The devotional book, Spiritual Mothers, looks at the lives of six women who impacted many because of their faith. I’ve learned  about Olympias, Teresa of Avila, Amanda Berry Smith, Pandita Ramabai, and Flannery O’Connor. I marvel at how they stood strong in their faith, leaving an imprint in history.

I was surprised to read about Hagar, the woman who bore the first child (Ishmael) for Abraham. Tension rose between the two women and Hagar eventually was sent away. Many cultural conclusions derive from this story, but one key point emerged as I read about her again.

Hagar ran away into the wilderness, but the angel of God found her. When Hagar thought nobody saw her, she learned that God had his eye on her. She did matter in the midst of the chaos of her life.

Hagar does the unthinkable. She gives God a name. No one else inScripture–male or female–ever names God. Hagar does. She names him El Roi: “The God who sees me.” The new name she gives to God expresses her basic theological conviction: She is not invisible to God.

Knowing God’s eye was upon her emboldened her to do the impossible. She returned to Sarah, the woman she most feared and who had grievously wronged her. ~Carolyn Custis James, in Spiritual Mothers

Hagar gained courage when she realized God saw her and then her self worth increased.

As I reflect on Hagar, I value her as a spiritual mother. She named God for seeing her.

This reminds me that God lovingly sees the details of my life, even when things are messy. He accepts me as I am.

When we realize the depth of God’s love for us, we are also inspired and challenged to love those who have wronged us. Our self worth increases as we remember that we are God’s workmanship.

Spiritual mothers are important for all of us.

How have you gained from a spiritual mother?



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