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The Mixture of Joy and Thanks

mis of joy & thanks

Today my heart has a mixture of joy and thanks. It overflows! After seven weeks of prayer and offering sacrificial praise and thanks to God during a rough time, I’m pleased to have a new mixture of joy and thanks.

My husband Rick L. Grace has been sick with Lyme disease symptoms since Thanksgiving. Never had I seen him so weak as I did through the weeks of December. The lab results have been inconclusive. The MRI on Christmas Eve morning didn’t show anything abnormal. We’ve waited for results, knowing that Immanuel, God is with us as we waited

Today he seems like his “old self.” It’s good to see him joyful again!  Soon he’ll be bugging me again in the usual ways. 🙂

My heart is lighter, full of joy and thanks. Hallelujah!

This morning I expressed my thanks to God through playing piano, creating a new song through improvisation. God gave me a joyful song, and I’m thankful, so thankful. (Someday I may let you hear it!)

I also played the song below, Today is the Day (minus the guitar riffs!) The lyrics are so encouraging to keep looking to the Lord. I think I’ll make it my theme song for the year.

May the Lord file your heart with the mixture of joy and thanks!





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2 Replies

  1. helen

    Hallelujah, so wonderful to hear

  2. Fran

    Nancy, it did my heart good to read this joyful news! Answered prayers! Praise God! Looking forward to hearing your new song! : )