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Deep in the Heart of Summer

Heart of Summer

The heart of summer draws many of us closer to our air conditioners. Temperatures rise, the grass crunches, and flowers shrivel if not watered daily.

The joy of planting flowers in spring is replaced with the drudgery of lugging hoses to keep the blooms alive. Heat and humidity dissolve the ambitions of working outdoors. We wonder when the next pop-up shower will bring relief to the baked earth.

The heart of summer has a unique rhythm.

The schedule is different; sometimes it’s more relaxed with less responsibility, while other times it’s more hectic as different kinds of activities are planned. Birds sing in the morning while locusts chirp in the evening.

Summer blessings abound.

Blessings come from garden veggies, impromptu picnics or camping adventures. We are thankful for different things that are easily overlooked at other times of the year, like drippy popcicles, kids jumping in sprinklers or laying in the grass watcing meteor showers.

The simple actions of today become pleasant memories for tomorrow. Pause and reflect on the fun moments of past summers. As a child, what did you like about this season? What is your favorite thing about summer now?

Recall those blessings from God in this particular time of year as a pathway to praise Him.

Recall summer

My recollections as an adult include my July wedding on a mild day and my father’s memorial service on a sweltering, humid afternoon. Each memory is a special gift.

In a nostalgic moment, I wrote this poem as I thought about the mid-year uniqueness. (It first appeared on Medium).

The Heart of Summer

Summer breezes, scorching sun,

Sweat glistening on an errand run.

Slushie drinks, ice cream cones,

Day-long trips, coming home.

Vacation travels, sights to see,

Memories in making—mountains of sea?

Fireflies and june bugs,

Garden goodies with iced tea to chug.

Children in sprinklers with sparklers at night,

Parents wonder—will bedtime happen tonight?

The heart of summer explodes with heat,

But joy remains from memories sweet.

When winter wind blow strong and bearish,

What summer memories will you cherish?




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