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A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine


“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22

What makes your heart cheerful?

Here are some things I’ve seen lately:

  • the late summer return of hummingbirds that provide amusement
  • the full moon on a clear night
  • fireflies rising from the grass at dusk
  • visits with friends
  • laughing at your self.

All those things lighten the heart.

Especially the last one. We take ourselves too seriously.

The other day I needed to bake a cake and the only time I could do it was the morning.

For some people that is not a problem, because they rise before dawn to conquer the world by 8:00 a.m.

I am not one of them.

This particular day I woke up tired and mentally foggy. My morning nickname is “Fog Woman.” Perhaps my first mistake was staring to the cake before my first cup of coffee.

I fumbled to get the cake mix, eggs and oil. Next, turn on the oven.

Now where’s  the “on” switch? Yep, it seemed lost this morning.

My husband was amused. He left for work saying, “This cake is going to be a disaster. No, the cake will be good but the kitchen will be a disaster.” He closed the door to begin his workday.

I was pressed for time to get the cake baked. No sooner had I heard the click of the door, I started the mixer. Why turn it on slow when it can mix quicker? I turned it on medium.

Floof! Chocolate powder and splats of batter flew out of the mixer bowl. What was I thinking? This was not my first cake. Fog woman was definitely in control needing coffee. Strong coffee.

Now I had a mess to clean up and also had to change my splattered shirt.

In the end the cake was delicious.

The process all started with a question, “Where is the ‘on’ button?”

With each new day, remember to find the ON button for your mind and heart.

Choose a cheerful heart.

“Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall never ceased to be amused.”





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