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The Birth of True Joy

Birth of True Joy

True joy entered the world in the birth of Jesus.

Shepherds, outcasts on a hillside watching their sheep, were shocked by the angel’s announcement.

Suddenly life changed forever.

Angel Message True Joy

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

The message pierced the silence of the the night; now there was joy in the darkness of life.

The birth of Jesus the Messiah brought true joy to a troubled world.

In the midst of the uncertainties, we can embrace the Lord as Immanuel, the God who is with us. Each year the Christmas story is more meaningful as I see more of Immanuel in my joys and struggles. The profound truth of the birth of true joy offers strength even on the worst of days.

Immanuel is faithful, every day of our lives. He is with us in our celebrations. Even when we are lonely or scared we have the promise that the joy of the Lord is our strength — not people, not circumstances. Jesus brought a new joy that is deeper than circumstantial happiness or warm, fuzzy feelings.

His presence is for all of us, not only when things go well, but also when we are discouraged. Through faith in Jesus, we can fix our eyes on the unseen knowing the Lord is with us, and not lose heart.

True joy goes beyond what we can see.

Our culture shows Christmas as a perpetual happy time. The reality is that life is hard, not always joyful. Sometimes I don’t feel merry when the crowds, traffic, and expenses pile up. Stresses overtake my weary heart. At that time, I have to look beyond the circumstance, remembering the birth of joy to world.

The shepherds experienced the true joy of seeing the Savior in the manger; years later the disciples knew the true joy of the resurrected Lord. We can know this precious joy in our dark moments because Emmanuel is with us, forever.

True joy goes deeper and lasts longer than a fleeting happy moment, bringing hope and dispelling fear.


In the midst of the brokenness of the world, Jesus appeared. In the midst of our pain and struggles, He is there, faithful and loving.

We can choose His true joy for our journey.





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