Simple Gifts: The Finches Birth Announcement

Simple gifts are sometimes hidden, like a nest in a fern.

simple gifts finch eggs in nestFor the past 2 weeks I have peeked once a day to see the simple gift of the development in a nest. Today I saw all four baby finches breathing in their cozy nest! You have to look closely to see them, as they blend in with the nest. The scraggly pink bodies with a few tufts of white feathers are huddled together. They re beautiful!

The beauty of new life in creation is a blessing!

finch babies

Today take a moment to thank God for the simple things in life.

The quiet sunrise, the song of the birds, the support of family, the sunset, the smile of a child, and the protection of God’s refuge are just a few.

What simple gifts do you see today?

  1. What a blessing to start the day with! It will be fun to see the “simple gifts” today because of you’re encouragement to look for them! Thank you!