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End of Year Reflection

The end of the year provides a great time for reflection. The process takes some time, but looking back over the past is beneficial. Does it sound too daunting? A simple plan will help you and give guidance for your next year’s goals.

Guide for End of Year Reflection

Set aside at least an hour. Gather your journal and planner from the previous year.

Read through them. On a sheet of paper, write down the highlights, successes, and disappointments.

Re-read your goals for that year. Evaluate what actions and events helped you toward those goals or resolutions.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I learn from the successes and disappointments?
  • In ways did I grow or did I get stuck?
  • Am I moving forward toward a bigger goal?
  • Is my physical health better now than it was a year ago?
  • How are my relationships?

(For more questions for reflection, click here. The iBloom resources are helpful).

In the end, look at how the Lord is moving in your life.

God doesn’t want to number your failures or count your accomplishments as much as He wants you to have an encounter with Him. ~ Ann Voskamp

My Reflection

For the past several years I have chosen one word to guide me throughout the year. My word for 2017 was “deeper.”

As I read through my journal and planner, I gained insight on the events that helped me go deeper in my faith. I remembered the efforts of digging deeper and the waiting for the Lord’s response. I read the questions of my heart and revelations on situations from the Lord.

Going deeper in faith involves seeking God (praying and digging into the Word), waiting (allowing time for the Lord to work), trusting in His sovereign grace (resting in the assurance of God’s presence), and taking the next action.

When situations in the past year got intense, I knew the Lord was present in the middle of the joys and struggles. He provided strength for the moment. In those small spaces of time, my faith went deeper because my need for the Lord was great. I’m grateful for His sustaining grace in the joyous times and in the disheartening ones.

Reflection on the past enlightens us with understanding for future days.

Learning from the past helps prepare us for the new year. God guides us through each year as we look to Him.

Psalm 119_130 reflection

What steps of reflection and preparation do you take for the new year?



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