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Recalculating Direction

—Have you ever had to stop and ask for directions? Do you depend on a GPS or a map? Most likely, we all have needed to recalculate our direction.Several years ago, while sitting on the sofa watching after-Thanksgiving football, I couldn’t help but notice all the TV commercials for portable Global Positioning Systems.I was hooked […]

Perspective for the Faith Journey

perspective for the faith journey

Have you ever had a change of perspective?Years ago our family took attempted downhill skiing. From the base of the mountain, I felt invigorated by the mountain air to rise to the challenge of gliding down the slope with two thin boards strapped to my feet. Going up the mountain on the ski lift, I […]

Verses for the Faith Journey Essentials

Verses for the Essentials of the Faith Journey

In Essentials for the Faith Journey, four necessities are given for our spiritual growth: reading the Word of God, prayer, worship, and fellowship. Here are additional verses for each of those key essentials.Meditate on the Word of God and remember God’s promises.Understanding the Word of God isn’t just for knowledge, but also for life application and […]