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Knowing God is Good

God is good. At the dawn of time, God created the world and called it good. After everyday day of creation, he paused and declared it good. He created the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, commanding Adam and Eve not to eat from it for their benefit.Sounds simple enough. God created a […]

God’s Unconditional Love, Part 2

God's Unconditional Love

Who can fully grasp the dimensions of God’s unconditional love for us? It is hard to understand. At the core of God’s nature is unconditional love, which is sacrificial and life-giving.  Even when we judge ourselves to be worthless, God loves us. Let’s turn to the Bible to gain insight into God’s love.In the Old Testament, […]

Knowing God: Unconditional Love

Knowing God:Unconditional Love

Why is it that even though we know John 3:16 by heart, we still doubt God’s love? We think of His love in general terms of loving the world, not specifically for loving us—you or me. Or maybe that God doesn’t like me.At the core of God’s nature is unconditional love, which spills out into every […]