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A Message for Moms: You Are Enough!

Message for Moms

Moms, have you ever judged yourself as not good enough? Always coming up short of what is expected or needed?As I’ve observed moms of all ages throughout the decades of my life, I’ve seen a common battle that many—including myself—have experienced. We often think we aren’t good enough for the tasks in our lives and […]

The Unfolding of Redemption

Unfolding Redemption

The week leading up to Easter is often busy with anticipation of celebrating spring, family get-togethers, and egg hunts. As the week unfolds, we live out the plan of our preparations. If we get too caught up in these activities we risk missing out on reflecting of the reason for the season.Our lives often imitate the pattern […]

What Do Your Words Say About You?

What do You Words Say

Have you noticed the harsh words that bombard us?The noise of the world through television, social media, and talk shows constantly invade our lives. Are the words we hear encouraging or distressing?Everyone wants you to take their side in endless debates or offenses. If I listen to too much news I realize I become more […]