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Are Stress and Peace the Rhythm of Life?

Stress and Peace the Rhythm of Life

Peace is often hard to find in a world full of stress. We anticipate something to happen one way, but it turns out another.  Stress increases.We live in the tension between stress and peace.Our daily lives are high with stress and low on peace.The tension between them is not new.Mary and Joseph lived in that […]

A Broken Mess?

broken mess

We live in a broken mess.On the news we hear about fires raging out of control, eathquakes rattling communities, and unresolved wars. People made homeless due to natural disasaters or joblessness. Families crumble under financial or relational stress. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear about someone receiving a devasting health diagnosis.Discouargement and […]

How is Your Gratitude Perspective?

Gratitude Perspective

I love the reminders to be thankful during this season, but am saddened that it lasts only a few weeks in November. A gratitude perspective is hard to maintain throughout the year with the pressures of daily living. We get caught up in striving to accomplish our “to-do” lists in preparation for the holiday season.Over the […]