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What Do Your Words Say About You?

What do You Words Say

Have you noticed the harsh words that bombard us?The noise of the world through television, social media, and talk shows constantly invade our lives. Are the words we hear encouraging or distressing?Everyone wants you to take their side in endless debates or offenses. If I listen to too much news I realize I become more […]

Wrap God’s Love Around You

Wrap God's Love around your heart

Wrap God’s love around your heart.Try to grasp how wide and far and deep and high it is, like standing on the ocean shore seeing the infinite sky and water. Find comfort in reading the words of scripture to remind you of this truth.If you’re having a rough day, read and meditate on these verses. […]

Why Trust the Sovereign God?

Why Trust God?

Trust.A simple but powerful word that is the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.The all-knowing, sovereign God is trustworthy. When we can’t see through the darkness, His presence is with us. He sees the beginning and the end, from the first weeks of the new year through every month to […]