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Heavenly Father, Perfect Father for All

Knowing God as father

Our father can rescue us from peril.I took a dare from my older brother to climb the big poplar tree in our front yard. The branches were the perfect distance apart for my little legs to reach and climb. I was so proud to be up in the limbs a few feet above the ground, feeling […]

Memorial Day and Taps

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official start of summer with a three-day weekend celebrated with cookouts and parades. However, it is more than a picnic day; it is a day of remembrance. When did Memorial Day start?In the years following the Civil War, Decoration Day was when mourners placed flowers and flags on the graves of fallen […]

A Message for Moms: You Are Enough!

Message for Moms

Moms, have you ever judged yourself as not good enough? Always coming up short of what is expected or needed?As I’ve observed moms of all ages throughout the decades of my life, I’ve seen a common battle that many—including myself—have experienced. We often think we aren’t good enough for the tasks in our lives and […]