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What’s the Difference Between Praise and Thanks?

Difference between praise & thanks

What the difference between praise and thanks?Many times we use them interchangeably in our prayers. Both of the words are nouns and verbs. Each word has a specific objective, yet the words overlap in purpose. Together, praise and thanksgiving lead us to worship God.Praise is recognizing God’s character and nature.It expresses awe for who God […]

Can You See Plentiful Blessings?

Can You See Plentiful Blessings?

Can you see plentiful blessings around you?We moved into our new home the end of summer, when the mature oak trees provided wonderful shade. Many large trees in our neighborhood are beautiful as the branches reach over the street in a canopy.As the season has changed, so have the trees. They have revealed their autumn […]

5 Ways to Draw Near to God in Quietness

Draw Near to God in quietness

Quietness is hard to find. With the constant stream of information and music on the internet, the busyness of our lives, and impatience in our souls, quietness escapes us.The fast pace of life leaves us exhausted at the end of the day. We are emotionally worn out with little energy left for our important relationships. As […]