Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Transitions Abound

Transitions abound during this time of year.The summer routine is over as the school year begins. Bedtimes become more regular.Kids are in different classrooms with new teachers.Students go to college, some for the first time on their own leaving concerned parents behind.Some families move from one location to another, from one state or country to […]

Three Simple Prayer Instructions

Have you ever attempted to do something without the instructions?The other day I decided to bake a favorite recipe for baked oatmeal, one that I’ve created many times. I glanced at the directions to make sure I had all the ingredients and reviewed the baking procedure. The oven temperature was set, the ingredients mixed and poured […]

The Blessing of Personal Freedom

blessing of personal freedom

The blessing of personal freedom is a key component of life for us.I’m thankful for the everyday freedoms to make decisions, worship, travel, and choose many personal preferences. I’m also grateful those who stood strong in the battles fought during the Revolutionary War.Several years ago we visited Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia. I gained a new […]