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Psalm 23: Knowing the Shepherd

Psalm 23: Knowing the Shepherd

A favorite Bible passage of mine is Psalm 23. Although often read at funerals for comfort, its words bring comfort and guidance any day, in any situation. It is a psalm of confidence about the Lord’s care, written by the shepherd David.David knew about the life of a shepherd from his early years. We gain […]

Need an Infusion of Genuine Hope?

Infusion of Hope

Hope stirs up expectations in our minds. We look forward to good things with an optimistic perspective.We long fora good school year.everything getting done before a deadline.good medical test results.getting through a crazy, busy day.These are honest desires in a chaotic world. However, if our expectation is based on good results from short-term events, we live from […]

Deep in the Heart of Summer

Heart of Summer

The heart of summer draws many of us closer to our air conditioners. Temperatures rise, the grass crunches, and flowers shrivel if not watered daily.The joy of planting flowers in spring is replaced with the drudgery of lugging hoses to keep the blooms alive. Heat and humidity dissolve the ambitions of working outdoors. We wonder […]