Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Pathway to Praise: Psalm 145

One pathway to praise is to look at creation and marvel at the detail of it. From the stars of the Milky Way to the tiniest seed, there is wonder in creation.Another pathway is to look at the character of God as described in the Word of God. Psalm 145 is full of verses of […]

Psalm 8: Enjoy Creation!

Last month we enjoyed some family time in the beauty of the mountains. One morning we set out on a rocky trail to find a hidden lake. We zigzagged up the side of the mountain, pausing often to rest, drink water, and catch our breath. The trail wound through a forest and across rock ledges, […]

In Plain Sight

The concrete steps descended into cool darkness; cautiously we proceeded, holding onto the handrail.Quickly my vision adjusted from the outdoor sun to the underground darkness. The tour guide pointed her flashlight on the walls revealing previously unseen shapes. There was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a pipe organ, and a large fish. All were formations in a […]