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A Lesson of Commitment

commitment and perspective

My word for year–commit–tested me. Rather, it guided me in making a decision.I wanted to back out of a commitment I made months ago, something that is to continue through the next five months. But right before I spoke about my wavering decision, the word “commit” popped in my mind and I realized what I had […]

The Mixture of Joy and Thanks

Today my heart has a mixture of joy and thanks. It overflows! After seven weeks of prayer and offering sacrificial praise and thanks to God during a rough time, I’m pleased to have a new mixture of joy and thanks.My husband Rick L. Grace has been sick with Lyme disease symptoms since Thanksgiving. Never had […]

Courage, Trust, or Commit?

Courage, Trust, or Commit?

Courage, trust or commit? Which will direct me in 2015?In a previous post, I shared how the new year is an appropriate time to commit to reflection and recalibration of your life, to look forward and dream. It’s a time to realize what needs to be done and what to eliminate.I’ve prayed about these things, asking […]