Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Praise and Thanks

What’s the difference between offering praise and thanks?Praise and thanks are closely connected but separate. Each has a specific objective, yet they overlap in purpose.In thanksgiving we list God’s benefits, in praise God is the benefit. Thanksgiving is like a child opening a gift from a parent, a new doll or a baseball mitt, and throwing […]

Fall! New Season Arrives

Each season brings the anticipation of change–the new buds of spring bear hope, full summer shade brings relaxation, autumn’s painted trees announce exhilaration, and snowy fields of winter herald peace to dormant creation. The unique beauty of each season reflects the majesty and creativity of God.Having lived where the four seasons are evident, I enjoy seeing the cycles […]

Persevere Past the Mid-way Point

The mid-year point has passed, and we are now in the second half of 2014. It’s hard to believe,isn’t it? In many places school has resumed.Mid-way points are interesting; they are markers indicating progress. When traveling, you are half way to your destination. When working on a project, you see some progress, but have more […]