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Let God Love You

Let God love you

God loves us. We try to understand this but struggle to fully grasp it. Sometimes we reject this gift when we need it most.God expresses His faithful lovingkindness to us in many ways.God’s Word expresses His love to us.For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear […]

What is Your Good Report?

A Good Report

“Nothing worrisome” was the ENT doctor’s good report of my recent visit.My heart started turning cartwheels at those words. Yay! No cancer!My experience with tongue cancer began in 2003 when I had an uncomfortable sore on my tongue that would not heal. Because I didn’t fit a profile for oral cancer, cancer wasn’t expected. However, after the biopsy, the doctor […]

Inspirations on the Treadmill

Inspirations on the Treadmill

This week I’ve begun using the treadmill again. While exercising I can look out the window, watch webinars on my computer, and read the inspirations on the walls in my office.Seeing my wall inspirations from a different vantage point has been a blessing. Isn’t it funny how if we see something too often, we don’t “see” […]