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Essentials for the Faith Journey

Hiking is a physical pilgrimage that parallels the spiritual faith journey in challenges and adventure. In our eagerness to start a hike in the dense forest on the Napali Coast of Hawaii, Rick and I neglected to take an essential with us—water. The heat, humidity, and sun bore down, gradually sapping our strength, but still we […]

The Pack Shack : Be Neighborly

What’s “Feed the Funnel” and The Pack Shack?At the recent Arkansas Women Bloggers University, I was perplexed to see an activity on the schedule for Saturday afternoon—“Feed the Funnel party for The Pack Shack.”The posh Magnolia room at the Arlington Hotel was ready for action when around 75 women showed up. Once inside the room, we […]

Finding the Selah Moment

Selah, a Hebrew word is regarded as a musical term indicating a pause or interlude. Beyond its musical implication, it can be a pause or rest for us in the activity of life. A selah moment would be a time to pause and reflect in the midst of the busyness of life, resting in the […]