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Do You Fear or Trust?

Terrorist attacks. Political division. Economic uncertainty. Fear of family instability heading into the holidays. Increased health issues with test results that indicate major changes are ahead.Each day seems to bring a new reason for seeds of fear to grow in our minds and hearts. How can we manage our lives when there are so many […]

2015 CrossRiver Author Hunt Nov 13-14

Welcome to stop #11 on the CrossRiver Author Hunt. Welcome! Feel free check out my site and get to know me a bit, then enter the giveaway at the bottom of the blog post. Join my email list and you will receive a downloadable verse pack of 10 verses on Grace.Before you head over to the next stop, collect the clue […]

Are You Stressed or Blessed?

The buzzing alarm of the smartphone awakened us on our travel day home, but the stress ratcheted up when we realized the clock on the smartphone was different from the bedside alarm clock.  The time change occurred overnight, but which clock was correct? What time was it? We had a flight to catch!We hurried to get […]