Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Knowing God’s Holiness and Grace

What comes to mind when you think of God’s holiness? Is He far off and unapproachable? How can holiness and grace function together?Holiness is the core of God’s being. He is Supreme, entirely set apart from the common and mundane, above all creation.  God is holy and pure.Verses of God’s HolinessWho among the gods is like you, Lord? […]

Knowing God Through Psalm 145

Psalm 145 shows God’s nature like a multi-faceted diamond. King David, the author of this psalm of praise, describes God’s majesty and compassion, His greatness and nearness. Sometimes one facet of God’s character is more noticeable to us while at another time a different facet shines to us. Our perspective and situations in life changes, revealing […]

Knowing God — The Light of the World


Have you ever stumbled over a child’s toy in a dark room? Even a small nightlight could avert the pain of stepping on Lego blocks or toy cars.Light helps us see all that is around us. It also brings warmth. Without the light of the sun, nothing would grow. It is necessary for life. Light guides […]