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Are You Stuck, Needing Transformation?

Are You Stuck, Needing Transformation

Do you feel stuck, needing transformation?Often we hope for something to change, but things stay the same. We hope that change will be instantaneous, like an ordinary person being a recipient of a special serum who then becomes a superhero saving the world. Not in real life.And then we wonder why our faith stagnates.Many people in the Bible […]

Are You Needing a Shift in Perspective?

Need Shift in Perspective

Have you ever needed a shift of perspective when a situation doesn’t go like you anticipated? I often need such a readjustment in my vision.A disheartening insurance situation had not resolved. I had hoped for a better result, and now felt anxious and discouraged from the increased financial implication for my family.Prayer and reading verses on God’s […]

Ready for the Season of Change?

Season of Change

Every day reveals more evidence that the season is changing. The warm wind has an occasional touch of coolness in it. The tips the leaves of our maple tree are turning red; within a week they will be bright crimson. Soon they’ll blanket the ground. In the sky, birds begin their flight to warmer climates. Squirrels are active preparing for […]