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My Word for the Year

Word for Year

The week after Christmas is a great time to pack away the memories and prepare for the new year.As I unwind from the flurry of holiday activities, I reflect on the previous twelve months. God brings to mind the opportunities and challenges that brought growth, creating a heart of gratitude for all that has happened. This evaluation helps […]

Guidance: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Guidance for the New Year

Guidance for the new year occurs through looking back over the past year before moving forward into the new one.Now is a good time to reflect on where you’ve been and what you hope to do in 2017.Today I spent the day reviewing my 2016 planner, making note of progress or procrastination. Some projects were successful; […]

Christmas Love Versus Fear & Loneliness

Christmas Love v Fear

Christmas love brings to mind warm sentimental scenes created from movies. People are cozy and happy in television specials, getting along with everyone.However, in real life, the Christmas season is not “the most wonderful time of the year” for some. It’s a time of loneliness for those who are grieving. It’s a time of sadness, or […]