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Finding Encouragement and Hope in Psalm 1

Encouragent & Hope Psalm 1

Psalm 1 offers encouragement and hope for the person who finds joy in the Word of God.The Psalmist focuses on the imagery of the flourishing tree.The blessed person and the wicked are contrasted. The blessed person delights in the word of God, reflecting on it throughout the day and night. Thoughts of scripture guide this person, […]

Seeking God Faithfully, Diligently- Part 2

Seeking God part 2

Seeking God is an intentional act of the will. We grow in closeness to God as we seek his presence.What keeps us from seeking God?Many distractions interfere with our spiritual focus.busyness “I’ve got too much to do.”computer devices “I have to keep up email, podcasts, internet news sources…”social media “I’ve got to check Facebook, Instagram, […]

Seek God Faithfully, Diligently

Seek God Faithfully, Diligently

Have you ever lost something that is precious to you? Did you seek after it?Several years ago, after a long day of spring cleaning, my husband and I took a leisurely walk to enjoy the brisk air. Although the cool breeze felt refreshing, my light windbreaker and knit gloves kept me warm. When I removed […]