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Remember Easter?

 Remember EasterRemember Easter?

Not long ago, Easter brought a flurry of spring activities. Family dinners, new clothes, jellybeans and chocolate. Now the candy is mostly gone, the lilies are wilting, and the alleluias are a memory.

The busyness of family activities, the stress of work and the worry of finances often fill our minds and calendars. We move on to the next activity or worry. Sometimes we have a hard time remembering what we did from one day to the next. Life continues on. We get so busy we forget the importance of things that have recently happened.

It becomes easy to forget recent blessings. What blessing have you seen today? Savor the moments that brought you joy– a baby’s toothless grin, an unexpected rainbow, a visit with a friend. Reflect on the blessings of the day, not just on the challenges.

Even though Easter has passed, take time to reflect on the effects of the resurrection that remain for us. It is so much more than a holiday that disappears into the busyness of life.

Where would we be without Easter?

Because of the resurrection we have these blessings:

  • We can trust God’s promises. Jesus did what He said He would do.
  • We can have new life and new hope in Christ when we accept what He has done.
  • We are brought back into relationship with the Lord through His love.
  • Our redemption is complete.
  • We have forgiveness for our sin and we can forgive others.
  • We can live with God’s power to face our challenges.
  • We have triumph and hope after death.

Yes, life moves on. The good days pass just like the bad days. Take time to remember the blessings in each day. Reflect on the blessings of Easter. Don’t lose sight of the resurrection. Through it all, keep the Easter alleluias in your heart.

Alleluia Easter













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