Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Pathway to Praise: Persist

Our fall weather this year has taken us on a roller coaster swinging from warm 80 degree days to several nights of hard frost.But isn’t that the way life often goes? Things go smoothly, then there’s a change followed by another change, followed by another change.I noticed a small bud on the rosebush on the […]

Pathway to Praise:Look at God’s Holiness

A bright sunny day can be blinding, causing us to squint. We need protection of sunglasses to cover our eyes.Looking at the holiness of God is like looking at the sun. His holiness is too pure for us. Moses asked to see the glory of God, but only got to see Him pass by because […]

Approaching Holiness

How can we approach the holiness of God?Imagine this scenario: It’s dinnertime and the family is called to the table. The kids have been outside playing in the sandbox, and dirty. They are starved. They bolt into the house, sit down at the table and start to fill their plates while mom is still getting […]