Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Is the Daily Grind Getting to You?

There’s no way around it. We are busier beyond what we can handle.The flurry of activity of the daily grind becomes a badge of identification stating “I have so much to do.” We become addicted to busy-ness. Our time is filled with caring for our families and making a living. These are very good things, but […]

Are You a Lifelong Learner?

“Daddy I have the best teacher EVER! Those words drifted through my open windows on the first day of school. Outside a little girl trotted home in her new school clothes and backpack.Her excitement was sweet and joyful. I can imagine the stories she would share about new teacher, friends, and her best subject. For […]

Training for Life

One foot, then the other, is carefully positioned ready to spring into action. Fingers poised on the starting line. Determination in their eyes. A hush of quietness for a brief moment covers the stadium. With the sound of a shot, the athletes dash to prove themselves. Has the training paid off?The Olympics have captivated our […]