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Perfect Love, The Gift of Christmas

Perfect Love, the Gift of Christmas

Perfect love came a a gift through the child in the manger. God gave the purest gift to us, but many do not receive the gift.Who doesn’t love to get gifts at Christmas? What is motive for giving the gifts?Sometimes we give gifts because we think we have to give, like at an obligatory Christmas party. We […]

The Birth of True Joy

Birth of True Joy

True joy entered the world in the birth of Jesus.Shepherds, outcasts on a hillside watching their sheep, were shocked by the angel’s announcement.Suddenly life changed forever.“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”The message pierced the silence of the the night; now there was joy in […]

Are Stress and Peace the Rhythm of Life?

Stress and Peace the Rhythm of Life

Peace is often hard to find in a world full of stress. We anticipate something to happen one way, but it turns out another.  Stress increases.We live in the tension between stress and peace.Our daily lives are high with stress and low on peace.The tension between them is not new.Mary and Joseph lived in that […]