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Abiding in Christ and The Grace Impact

The tiny leaf in the middle of the photo illustrates the word “abide.”It is new growth, protected by larger leaves. The smaller one shares the same source of nourishment for life. But if plucked from the tree, the leaf could not reach the mature size of the larger leaves to form shade. It would die.The […]

Are You Stuck? Press Into God’s Grace

Are you stuck? Have you been working on a project for a long time and wonder if you are making any progress?Sometimes we can be overly involved in something that we cannot see the progress. Instead of quitting, rest a moment.Press into God’s grace with the words of the apostle Paul.…he who began a good work […]

The Grace Impact Blog Tour: Fear v. Trust, Approaching God, Grace Giver

 The Grace Impact Blog Tour continued through this week. I appreciate the opportunity to share guest posts with excerpts from The Grace Impact.Here are snippets from the most recent posts on the blog tour:When you are in a fearful situation, where do you focus–on the source of fear or on the Lord? In Fear v. Trust be […]