Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Diamonds in the Dust

 Diamonds are fascinating, sparkling, and a symbol of love.When Rick and I were first head-over-heals in love during college, we ventured into engagement ring shopping. After searching many jewelry stores, we could not find one we liked. One more store remained before giving up the hope of finding a diamond ring for that day. With each […]

A Magnificent Mystery: Holiness and Grace

What comes to mind when you think of God’s holiness? Is He off somewhere on a far mountain? Is He unapproachable in a sanctuary dimly lit with candles? Or is He right where you are, in midst of your activities?A magnificent mystery lies between God’s holy nature and His grace that reaches us in our every day […]

Ready for a Summer Escape?

Ready for a summer escape? The days are hotter and the air is humid. Ball games have been played and Vacation Bible School is over. The family vacation is either over or will occur in the next few weeks. It’s also time so sit on the porch with a glass of iced tea for a mini-summer […]