Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Are You Stressed or Blessed?

The buzzing alarm of the smartphone awakened us on our travel day home, but the stress ratcheted up when we realized the clock on the smartphone was different from the bedside alarm clock.  The time change occurred overnight, but which clock was correct? What time was it? We had a flight to catch!We hurried to get […]

What is Your Heart condition?

Several people I know have had successful heart bypass surgery and have gained a longer life. Advanced medical technology has allowed their hearts to be repaired and strengthened.The physical heart can be addressed through medical technology, but what about the spiritual heart condition?The heart is spoken of in Scripture as the center of the moral and […]

Recalculating Direction

—Have you ever had to stop and ask for directions? Do you depend on a GPS or a map? Most likely, we all have needed to recalculate our direction.Several years ago, while sitting on the sofa watching after-Thanksgiving football, I couldn’t help but notice all the TV commercials for portable Global Positioning Systems.I was hooked […]