Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Simplicity at Christmas

Simplicity becomes elusive during the Christmas season. We are bombarded continually with advertising to buy something NOW. Shopping with the deadline for the best price brings stress to “buy more, more, more, right now.” December activities cram the calendar; we become hyper busy and worn out. Where has simplicity gone?It’s hard to go against the cultural trends to slow […]

Ongoing Gratitude

Ongoing gratitude keeps our awareness of the Giver of the blessings in our lives beyond Thanksgiving.Year ago, this scenario played out in front of me every week.Rick’s car pulled into the driveway; the engine turned off. Upon hearing his footsteps, our young children rushed to the door. “Daddy’s home! Daddy!” Opening the door, two blond-haired […]

Do You Fear or Trust?

Terrorist attacks. Political division. Economic uncertainty. Fear of family instability heading into the holidays. Increased health issues with test results that indicate major changes are ahead.Each day seems to bring a new reason for seeds of fear to grow in our minds and hearts. How can we manage our lives when there are so many […]