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Seeing Grace Everyday

Knowing God as Father

Knowing God as father

I took a dare from my older brother to climb the big poplar tree in our front yard. The branches were the perfect distance apart for my little legs to reach and climb. I was so proud to be up in the limbs a few feet above the ground, feeling the wind rustle through the leaves […]

Knowing God: A Living Hope

Every day we have hope and expectations. We desire an attainment of something good, or the feeling that something will be true.“I hope it doesn’t rain for our hike.”“My hope is to graduate in four years.”These statements are good, but they place hope in people, things, or events.Sometimes we look for hope in the wrong places and get […]

Knowing the Faithful God

Have you ever had a season in life when the familiar routine turned upside down and you wondered what was going on? Developments in situations around you need hourly updates. Maybe it was a health crisis that brought worry or unexpected employment lay off from a long-time job that brought fear. Or a betrayal from […]