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Dangerous Detours on the Journey

Dangerous Detours on the journey

Detours on the faith journey definitely impair progress.Have you ever gotten re-routed because of detours? One vacation we got detoured from the main four lane highway onto a small two lane road. The new route sent us in a different direction, which lead to confusion. This wouldn’t have been a major problem, except it was […]

Destination Unknown-Where are You Headed?

A destination is necessary when you plan a journey. Have you ever headed out without one in mind? Have you gotten lost? Journey implies there is a beginning and ending point, moving toward the end location. Otherwise you’re wandering aimlessly.Many people in the Bible were on journeys that took them deeper in faith.Abram, in Genesis […]

Will You Linger Longer with Joy?

Linger longer with joy

Will you linger longer or jump to the next thing?January conversations usually include this question: “How was your Christmas?”A quick answer is given, but then discussion moves on to new projects and goals. Some moments of life rush by, while others linger longer in our hearts and minds.Christmas is in the rearview mirror. Valentines and […]