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Uninspired? Need Motivation? Four Keys to Power Through

Uninspired? Unmotivated? Power Through

Have you ever felt uninspired and stuck?A main symptom is lack of motivation.Lately I’ve felt that way. Tired, not motivated to do much or go forward on writing projects. Perhaps it’s a letdown from the week after Easter for a pastor’s family.The uninspired and unmotivated life is not productive.As a writer, I look for ways […]

What We Can Learn from How Jesus Handled Stress

What we Learn from Jesus

Consider the stresses of last week of Jesus’ life.With determination, he  proceeded through each day’s stressful events, knowing what was ahead of him.On Sunday, he felt the excitement of the crowds shouting “Hosanna!”The eager crowd praised and welcomed him as a king. I wonder—did Jesus smile at the children, or was sadness in his eyes […]

Stressful Life? 4 Lessons from Elijah

Stressful Life? 4 Lessons from Elijah

The stressful life has certain characteristics. Being overwhelmed, frustrated and burdened weigh heavy on us. It is easy to feel offended, negative and hopeless in the heart. Common feelings and results of stress occur affecting our emotions. We usually neglect self care in the midst of stress because there is too much to do or we […]