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Savoring the Not-So-Perfect Life

Savoring the Not-S-Perfect Life

Today’s guest post is by Michelle Rayburn, who reminisces about TV dinners and the expectation of savoring that tasty meal.When I was young, my mother cooked most meals from scratch, baked six loaves of bread every week and canned enough vegetables to feed the neighborhood if we ever had to retreat to a bomb shelter. […]

7 Tips for Handling Anxiety

7 Tips for Handling Anxiety

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Michelle Bengtson, a clinical neuropsychologist. She shares insight on handling anxiety through the truths in God’s Word.Worry, fear, and anxiety are epidemic. Anxiety disorders are the most common class of mental health disorders.[i]It started in Genesis, when Adam and Eve developed an unhealthy fear of God, prompting them to […]

One Proposal for an Improved Marriage

Improved Marriage

Today’s guest post is by Lori Lipsky. She shares a marriage tip about reading a book together. My husband and I have read books together and benefitted from the conversations based on book content. I hope you’ll consider it, too.For the first time in our marriage, we decided to read a book at the same […]