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Spring Awakening of the Soul

Spring awakening

 Spring has finally arrived. It’s been slow to arrive through erratic weather.I’ve been traveling in the past month throughout the middle of the US for different reasons. The weather has been kind of crazy. On the first day of spring we experienced three inches of snow in Ohio. At a conference in Illinois, the nights […]

Why is Contentment Elusive?

elusive contentment

Contentment can evaporate quickly. We tend to compare other people’s lives to our own. We desire something other than the life we live.The desires can be small, like wanting the newest electronic gadget or feeling jealous when someone else gets a different car. The desires can be large, like feeling overlooked when a friend gets […]

Uninspired? Need Motivation? Four Keys to Power Through

Uninspired? Unmotivated? Power Through

Have you ever felt uninspired and stuck?A main symptom is lack of motivation.Lately I’ve felt that way. Tired, not motivated to do much or go forward on writing projects. Perhaps it’s a letdown from the week after Easter for a pastor’s family.The uninspired and unmotivated life is not productive.As a writer, I look for ways […]