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Faithful Resolution for the New Year

faithful resolution for the New Year

The new year is faithful bringing new opportunities for weight loss, improved fitness, better diet, ending bad habits and starting new ones. Commercials bombard us of our need to change and improve our lives with one certain product. We might get a moment of motivation or inkling of inspiration to sign up to do something […]

End of Year Reflection

The end of the year provides a great time for reflection. The process takes some time, but looking back over the past is beneficial. Does it sound too daunting? A simple plan will help you and give guidance for your next year’s goals.Guide for End of Year ReflectionSet aside at least an hour. Gather your journal […]

Redemption In a Manger

Redemption in a Manger

Christmas brings the redemption of many things. For one, the boxed Christmas tree is spread out, fluffed and decorated with lights and ornaments. The once smashed tree is transformed into a beautiful symbol of the season.Redemption is the act of making something better or more acceptable. Hope, peace, love, and joy are once again renewed in […]