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Are You a Lifelong Learner?

Lifelong learner Wooded Path Micah 4:2 “Daddy I have the best teacher EVER! Those words drifted through my open windows on the first day of school. Outside a little girl trotted home in her new school clothes and backpack.Her excitement was sweet and joyful. I can imagine the stories she would share about new teacher, friends, and her best subject. For many of us, school days are long past. But are you still learning? I came across this verse during this first week of school: “He (God) will teach us his ways so that we may walk in his paths.” Micah 4:2 Learning God’s ways take a lifetime of exploring the scriptures. It’s more than reading and memorizing, but also includes applying its principles to situations. It’s learning through life experience that what happens is an opportunity to grow in greater faith in Christ to become more like Him.

Here are some habits of the lifelong learner:

  1. Check your attitude.  Do you have desire for wisdom from the Lord? Is your heart open what He can teach you in the current season of your life? Will you be better or bitter when faced with a crisis?
  2. Take your questions to the Lord in prayer. The Lord receives our questions and burdens. This week I learned of a significant delay that will affect the book I’m currently writing.I have more questions than I do answers. One thing I do know is that God is in control and will teach me from the situation.He has given me peace about it.
  3. Seek God in His Word, not just for head knowledge but also for heart knowledge. In my study this week, I found the above verse that keeps me looking to the Master Teacher.
  4. Keep yourself in contact with other believers who can support and encourage you. Now is a time of year when many churches begin their small group ministries. I encourage you to join one to put yourself in a position for growth.

There are more elements of Christian growth than I have listed here, but these can get you started. It is my prayer that you will learn from the best Teacher ever­­­—the Master Teacher Jesus Christ.

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