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Grace in the Midst of Disappointment

Grace in the midst of disappointment

Grace in the midst of disappointment

Have you ever been disappointed by someone who couldn’t keep their promise to you?

The other day I dealt with such an issue. I received word that something would not happen and was asked to forgive the person.

Disappointment weighed heavy. I realized how much value I put on that person’s response.

Although I wanted to withdraw and lick my emotional wound, I knew I couldn’t stay at the “D Place” of disappointment and discouragement. Once I accepted the situation, I knew I had to move on and forgive.

The next morning, I took steps to adjust my perspective and refocus my faith through time with the Lord. Bible verses about peace came to mind, especially the words from Psalm 23:2b.

He leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.

I yearned to led by still waters in my spirit and not stay in the rough waters of disappointment and unforgiveness.

The Lord helped me through playing praise songs on piano. The lyrics of Be Thou My Vision, Jesus, Draw Me Close, and Still Waters spoke to my heart. A time of journaling led me to pray and praise God. His peace and grace of forgiveness gave me a new perspective, replaced my disappointment and discouragement. I then contacted the person with no hard feelings. It was only through God’s grace I could do this.

I learned how grace changes my perspective in a disappointing situation.

  1. Disappointment can lead to discouragement and then to depression.
  2. God’s words of affirmation are more important than any person’s.
  3. Prayer and praise help us refocus our perspective.
  4. God extends grace to us that helps us overcome disappointment, discouragement and depression.
  5. We need to share the grace of forgiveness with others and bless them, even in disappointment.

When we seek God and cast our burden on Him, He leads us “to a place of serenity and grace, by still waters.” (lyrics from Still Waters by Milton Carroll)

May the Lord lead you to the still waters of His grace.

How do you deal with the “D Place” of disappointment and discouragement?

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