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Author’s Blog Chain

Author's Blog Chain

I’ve been asked to participate in an Author’s Blog Chain. What is it? One blog author will tag another author from a blog post. That author will then continue the chain, answering the same questions.

Rebecca Thesman tagged me on her blog. She writes under the pen name RJ Thesman. Her book, “The Unraveling of Reverend G” tells the story of a woman minister who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The second book in the series, “Intermission for Reverend G” is scheduled for release from CrossRiver Media in April, 2014. Visit her blog at:

The Author’s Blog Chain asks four questions. Here are my answers.

What are you currently working on?

GraceNotes: 30 Days of Grace (working title) is in the editing process and will be released in early fall 2014 by CrossRiver Media. It a compilation of my devotional articles showing the relevancy of grace in daily life. Not only because of my name (Nancy Grace), but I have been captivated by grace for many years. The premise of each devotional article comes from observing and interacting with God’s grace in every day life. Too often we get wrapped up in trying harder, comparing ourselves to others and straining toward perfection. Only the grace of Jesus Christ can help us relax to grow into who God designed each of us to be.

The content of the book is divided up into different aspects of grace through the character of God, living the Christian life, overcoming difficulty, and sharing grace with others. Each devotional article features a scripture, a story with a teaching point, questions for further consideration, and a prayer.

GraceNotes began in 2007 as a monthly email devotional, and has not missed a month since. I hoped that someday I could do a compilation of them. I am blessed to see how this project has developed. You can sign up to receive this newsletter in the above right column.

I have expanded to writing on my GraceNotes blog once a week, although that varies.

How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

I write to share how God’s grace intersects with daily life. Grace is given by the Lord for our salvation, but also relationship with Him and others. I try to see God’s grace in the everyday situations and encourage the reader to do the same.

I primarily write devotionals, although I have written some modern day parables.

Why do you write what you write?

My desire is to point the reader to find hope in the grace of the Lord. The world gives us too many hopeless situations. His grace sustains us even when we aren’t aware of it. We all need the touch of His grace.

How does your writing process work?

Generally it goes like this: I pray for God to give me an idea. The idea could from a conversation, something I observed or something that happened. The idea leads to a topic. I consult a concordance to look up scriptures on the topic. One verse becomes the theme for the article. I pray for examples of real life stories to support the theme.Then I write and edit, write and edit until it conveys the message of grace in our lives. I make sure the theology is accurate for how I phrase faith concepts. My husband, a pastor, is my theology checker. Sometime we have discussions about making sure the truth of the Word of God is correctly represented. I let it rest before a final edit and decide to either send GraceNotes via MailChimp or format it for my WordPress blog. If it goes on  on my blog, I design a picture with text for each post. Before anything is published on my blog or submitted, I pray for that God would use the words to encourage my readers.

My upcoming book is a compilation GraceNotes email devotionals and blog posts.

It’s easy to get busy with life and not make the time to write. Writing starts with intentionally sitting in front of the computer knowing I have to write. I respond well to deadlines. Each week I have goals that guide me. It is a satisfying feeling after hitting “publish” on my blog or “send” for GraceNotes.

Who’s Up Next?

To continue the Author’s Blog Chain, I have tagged the following two author friends, Linda Apple and Blanche Manos. I am privileged to have been in critique groups with each of them.

Linda Apple is the author of two books: Inspire! Writing from the Soul and Connect! A Simple Guide to Public Speaking for Writers. She has contributed to sixteen Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. Her current work in progress is a women’s contemporary, The Women of Washington Avenue, which be released later this year.  Linda helped me learned about inspirational nonfiction writing and about submitting stories to Chicken Soup for The Soul, of  which two were accepted.

Where to find Linda:




Facebook author page

Facebook inspiration page

twitter @lindacapple

Blanche Day Manos writes cozy mysteries. Her two titles areThe Cemetery Club and Graveshift, available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She has written on assignment for Gospel Press for more than two decades. Blanche hosts my critique group with joy and laughter, coffee and cookies.

Where to find Blanche:



twitter @blanchemanos


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