Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Waiting for Redemption

Spring has struggled to appear this year.From Groundhog’s Day forward we have anticipated the end of winter, but the yoyo weather kept us guessing when the change will stay.Occasionally there’s a day when the sun warms the earth and early flowers sprout.But another day brings cold wind, freezing the new life.In spite of the lingering […]

Wrap God’s Love Around You

Wrap God’s love around your heart.Try to grasp how wide and far and deep and high it is, like standing on the ocean shore seeing the infinite sky and water. Find comfort in reading the words of scripture to remind you of this truth.If you’re having a rough day, read and meditate on these verses. […]

A Marriage that Pleases God, Part 2

Marriage begins with the hope of living happily ever after. However, the reality is, like life in general, it gets messy. The husband-wife relationship gets tangled up with work responsibilities, children, church, and many other activities. This unanticipated and unwanted strain steals our joy and creates tension.God lays out a higher standard for marriage. 2 […]