Nancy Kay Grace

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A Change of Heart

Many of the classic Christmas movies end with the main character gaining new hope. A change of heart occurs, restoring perspective in life. In ‘It’s A Wonderful Life‘ George Bailey realizes his life is worthwhile. In ‘A Christmas Carol’ Scrooge is given a second chance to change his self centered attitude. Charlie Brown’s scraggly Christmas […]

Come and Join In!

Recently a group from our church went caroling at a rehabilitation center. Two residents made an impression on me.One, a cheerful lady of 90, came out of her room to join in singing every song. We learned she had been a church musician. She even stood in front of us and moved her arm in rhythm […]

Can You Hear It?

The church sanctuary felt cold as we gathered to decorate for Advent. Unpacking the boxes of long evergreen garlands, large red bows, and chrismons for the trees, we needed Christmas music to help us get in the spirit and to banish the overwhelmed feelings of the huge project.Soon everyone hummed along to the familiar carols […]