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Shred Your Fear

We live in a different world now, where we do not feel as safe as we once did. Fear was stirred within us once again with the Boston Marathon bombing.It is easy to lose hope when the depravity of humanity causes loss of life and destruction. The world is long on social, economic and political […]

Celebrating Resurrection Week, Part 2

Reflections on the Resurrection(continued from the previous post)Consider these additional blessings as a result of the Resurrection:1. The Resurrection brings us triumph over death.We do not have to fear death. We can look forward to a future in heaven because of the Resurrection. Sin and death were conquered through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.I Corinthians 15:57 […]

Celebrating Resurrection Week, Part 1

Reflecting on the Resurrection Part 1Everyday life continues after the celebration of the Resurrection. What difference does the Resurrection make? Reflect on these thoughts:1. This event is foundational to Christian belief.Other religious leaders died, were buried, and remain in their graves. Jesus Christ is the only one who rose from the grave by the power of […]