Nancy Kay Grace

Seeing Grace Everyday

Searchlight of the Heart

The lantern atop a lighthouse sweeps back and forth over the dark waters in continual motion. The beam guides ships through the night, but also reveals the dangers of rocks and sandbars. Without the searchlight, any vessel could be shipwrecked.Jesus said He is the light of the world (John 8:12). We are drawn to His […]

The Journey Through Lent

Lent, the 40 days before Easter, have begun.For some, that doesn’t mean much, except noticing the appearance of fish sandwiches on fast food menus.Lent. The journey of Christ’s life to the garden, the cross and the empty tomb.Something causes me to stop and proceed carefully, to use this time for introspection.“For Christ died for our […]

Author’s Blog Chain

I’ve been asked to participate in an Author’s Blog Chain. What is it? One blog author will tag another author from a blog post. That author will then continue the chain, answering the same questions.Rebecca Thesman tagged me on her blog. She writes under the pen name RJ Thesman. Her book, “The Unraveling of Reverend […]