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Seven Tips to Prepare for Christmas

Prepare for Christmas! Tis the season for massive to-do lists, increased spending, and high expectations. The decorating and shopping have begun. Family get-togethers are formulating. It is easy to get so involved with all the planning that we neglect to prepare our hearts.Here are seven tips to help you prepare for Christmas, using the acrostic P.R.E.P.A.R.E.POSITION your […]

Giving Thanks for…Waiting

Waiting is hard. We have to do it all the time–waiting in line at the checkout, waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for test results, waiting for Christmas…Many times it is so hard to wait. We get impatient and take a different street if there’s a red light. We look for the shorter line at […]

Praise and Thanks

What’s the difference between offering praise and thanks?Praise and thanks are closely connected but separate. Each has a specific objective, yet they overlap in purpose.In thanksgiving we list God’s benefits, in praise God is the benefit. Thanksgiving is like a child opening a gift from a parent, a new doll or a baseball mitt, and throwing […]