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True Security

Hatchlings in a nest. A baby asleep in mom’s arms. A family hunkered in a warm house while a winter storm paralyzes the outside world in snow and ice. All these are images of security.Security connotes freedom from danger, fear, or risk. It is well-grounded confidence in the something that offers protection and defense.Life changes […]

8 Verses for Abiding in Christ

Abiding verses

The tiny leaf in the middle of the photo illustrates the word “abide.”It is new growth, protected by larger leaves. The smaller one shares the same source of nourishment for life. But if it is plucked from the tree, it could not reach the mature size of the larger leaves to form shade. It would […]

Abide in Grace

Last year, instead of resolutions, I chose one word to focus and guide my actions. This approach was new to me. The word for 2013 was “intentional.”  This word helped me focus on and complete some major tasks, one of which was completing a manuscript. Throughout the year I was blessed as I learned more […]