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Hugs from Heaven: 7 Bible Verses of God’s Love for You

hug from heaven

Some days you just need a hug. A hug gives you the assurance that you are loved. Come to think of it, every day is a day when we need hugs. We yearn for love and acceptance and look to family and friends to extend it to us. Sometimes they meet our expectations, and other […]

Grace in the Midst of Disappointment

Grace in the midst of disappointment

Have you ever been disappointed by someone who couldn’t keep their promise to you?The other day I dealt with such an issue. I received word that something would not happen and was asked to forgive the person.Disappointment weighed heavy. I realized how much value I put on that person’s response.Although I wanted to withdraw and lick my […]

Wife S.O.S.

wife s.o.s.

Valentine’s Day is looming on the calendar. For some, this holiday brings warmth and giddiness of new love. For others, it brings a reminder of loneliness and relational struggle. Relationships need attention to grow and flourish, especially our marriages. With all the demands of the fast pace of life, it is easy to neglect the care […]