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Courage, Trust, or Commit?

Courage, Trust, or Commit?

Courage, trust or commit? Which will direct me in 2015?In a previous post, I shared how the new year is an appropriate time to commit to reflection and recalibration of your life, to look forward and dream. It’s a time to realize what needs to be done and what to eliminate.I’ve prayed about these things, asking […]

New Year, Fresh Start

new year blank page

The New Year has begun—and with it comes a fresh start to improve ourselves, making the world a better place. A blank page is before each of us to write our story and grows our character.The beginning of the new year is a time to evaluate and dream. As one year passes into the next, […]

Abide – 2014 in Review

The one word that guided me through 2014 was ABIDE. As I reflect on the past year, I see how I’ve been encouraged by those five letters.I discovered this word is both an active and passive verb. In the active sense, it means to persist, persevere, keep on, or to continue. Abiding in something is not […]