Nancy Kay Grace

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Ready for a Summer Escape?

Ready for a summer escape? The days are hotter and the air is humid. Ball games have been played and Vacation Bible School is over. The family vacation is either over or will occur in the next few weeks. It’s also time so sit on the porch with a glass of iced tea for a mini-summer […]

What is Your Anchor?

The first time our family went to an ocean beach was memorable—not because of the serenity of gentle waves lapping the sand, but from crashing waves knocking us off our feet. At first it was a fun game, but eventually it wore us out. Laughter stopped when a large wave sent both me and my young daughter […]

Overcome Temptation

Do you have an area in your life that you need to overcome temptation? It might be a big or small, but the temptation is like a pebble in the shoe rubbing us the wrong way or can smell as delicious as cinnamon rolls in the oven. Either way, we notice it and soon it […]