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Collaboration: Coordination of Many Efforts


What is Collaboration?Collaboration is the act of working with others on a joint project. It involves mutual consent, cooperation, and communication. I’ve learned more about these skills as I’ve consented to work with other bloggers, cooperated with their time schedules, and communicated through email to accomplish several goals.Last weekend I attended the Megaphone Summit in Fayetteville, […]

Are You a Lifelong Learner?

Lifelong Learner

 “Daddy I have the best teacher EVER!”Those words drifted through my open windows on the first day of school. Outside a little girl trotted home in her new school clothes and backpack.Her excitement was sweet and joyful. I can imagine the stories she would share about new teacher, friends, and her best subject.  For many of […]

Are You Mindful of Your Mindset?

Mindful Mindset

Our mindset develops every morning when we open our eyes and get out of bed. The new day is before us; we have a choice of what mindset we’ll have throughout the day.Have you noticed that when you start the day with a bad attitude, it is carried into the rest of the day?The other […]