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5 Powerful Effects of Worship

5 Powerful Effects of Worship

Worship is an uplifting way to draw near to God. A few moments of praise helps me gain a better perspective. My focus shifts from my situation to the Lord and I remember that God is sovereign.Worship can happen anywhere.As I prepared to write this, I took time to play praise music on the piano. The moments at […]

Full Access Now Available…Through Jesus

Full Access

The irritating error message popped onto my computer screen.“Access denied.”I thought I had entered the correct password, but evidently something was wrong.I re-entered a new combination of letters and numbers.Access denied again.My fingers pounded the keyboard with a different configuration for the password.Finally I got into the online account.Victory!I dislike being denied access. Frustration grows […]

Redemption Unfolds for Us

Redemption Unfolds

Redemption unfolds in the week leading up to Easter, as does our preparations.We live out the plan of our preparations for family get-togethers or egg hunts. If we get too caught up in these activities we risk missing out on reflecting of the reason for the season.  God has a greater purpose for this week of preparation.Our […]