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Three Simple Prayer Instructions

Have you ever attempted to do something without the instructions?Sometimes I have success but other times I fumble and get frustrated until I read and reread the instructions.The other day I decided to bake a favorite recipe for baked oatmeal, one that I’ve created many times. I glanced at the directions to make sure I […]

How is Your Endurance?

How's Your Endurance?

Endurance varies from person to person, depending on the activity and motivation.My husband and I both walk for exercise. At one time I was the more consistent, faster-paced walker and he preferred to “mosey.”Until about a year ago.Rick started taking his exercise more seriously, getting up early most days to complete a three to four mile walk before the […]

Are You Stuck, Needing Transformation?

Are You Stuck, Needing Transformation

Do you feel stuck, needing transformation?Often we hope for something to change, but things stay the same. We hope that change will be instantaneous, like an ordinary person being a recipient of a special serum who then becomes a superhero saving the world. Not in real life.And then we wonder why our faith stagnates.Many people in the Bible […]