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Ready to Travel? Be sure to Pack Smart

Ready to travel

Ready to travel? Do you have all you need from your mental checklist in your suitcase? Tickets? Identification? Toothbrush?When preparing for an overseas trip, I found this simple advice on a traveler’s security website: Pack Smart. That’s good advice but is it also applicable as a checklist for your faith journey. Effective packing must be done for […]

Memorial Day and Taps

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official start of summer with a three-day weekend celebrated with cookouts and parades. However, it is more than a picnic day; it is a day of remembrance. When did Memorial Day start?In the years following the Civil War, Decoration Day was when mourners placed flowers and flags on the graves of fallen […]

Psalm 145: Gaining Perspective of God’s Character

Psalm 145

Psalm 145 shows God’s nature like a multi-faceted diamond. King David, the author of this psalm of praise, describes God’s majesty and compassion, His greatness and nearness. Sometimes one facet of God’s character is more noticeable to us while at another time a different facet shines to us. Our perspective and situations in life changes, revealing […]