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Are You Daring to Draw Near?

Daring to Draw Near

Lent, the season preceding Easter, is an excellent time to draw near to the Lord. We can increase our mindfulness of all the Lord has done for us through his life, death, and resurrection so that we can prepare our hearts to celebrate the glorious resurrection.Throughout the weeks leading up to Easter, these blog posts will […]

Unending, Unconditional Love from God

Unending, Unconditional Love

We all have a need for unconditional love.After a rough day or an argument the need increases. People fail us. Situations frustrate us. The kids don’t cooperate.At those times, we need to remember the one love that never fails–the unconditional love of God.Here are some of the different aspects of God’s lovingkindness toward us.It is […]

Do You Embrace God’s Love? Verses of God’s Love for YOU

Do You Embrace God's Love?

Who can resist a toddler looking up at you with pleading eyes, upraised arms and wiggling fingers? I confess I melt when one of my grandchildren wants picked up or gives me hugs. It is precious to love them and also observe how they express love. When tired, they lay their head on your shoulder. When […]