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Are You Mindful of Your Mindset?

Mindful Mindset

Our mindset develops every morning when we open our eyes and get out of bed. The new day is before us; we have a choice of what mindset we’ll have throughout the day.Have you noticed that when you start the day with a bad attitude, it is carried into the rest of the day?The other […]

Olympic Moments: Focus and Press On


The focus of many of the conversations in our house has been the Olympic performances. How do athletes tuck their bodies to spin and flip off mats and platforms so skillfully? My brain would be scrambled. How do they run fast and make it look so easy? I’m out of breath just thinking about it.The athletes’ reactions […]

Need a New Infusion of Genuine Hope?


Hope stirs up expectations in our minds. We look forward to good things with an optimistic perspective.We long for a good school year.everything getting done before a deadline.good medical test results.getting through a crazy, busy day.These are honest desires all in a chaotic world. However, if our expectation is based on good results from short-term events, we live […]