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A Message for Moms: You Are Enough!

Message for Moms

Moms, have you ever judged yourself as not good enough? Always coming up short of what is expected or needed?As I’ve observed moms of all ages throughout the decades of my life, I’ve seen a common battle that many—including myself—have experienced. The issue of inadequacy, of not being “enough” for their loved ones, haunts our […]

5 Powerful Effects of Worship

5 Powerful Effects of Worship

Worship is an uplifting way to draw near to God. A few moments of praise helps me gain a better perspective. My focus shifts from my situation to the Lord and I remember that God is sovereign.Worship can happen anywhere.As I prepared to write this, I took time to play praise music on the piano. The moments at […]

Full Access Now Available…Through Jesus

Full Access

The irritating error message popped onto my computer screen.“Access denied.”I thought I had entered the correct password, but evidently something was wrong.I re-entered a new combination of letters and numbers.Access denied again.My fingers pounded the keyboard with a different configuration for the password.Finally I got into the online account.Victory!I dislike being denied access. Frustration grows […]