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Reflections on Freedom

Refections on Freedom

Freedom is a key component of life for us. I’m grateful for courage and battles fought during the Revolutionary War. George Washington and others persevered against the odds, facing hunger, disease and lack of supplies.Several years ago we visited Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia. I gained a new appreciation for the valiant bravery of the founders […]

The Perfect Father, Our Heavenly Father

The Perfect Father, Our Heavenly Father

God is the perfect Father. He deeply loves us and will not leave us.For some, their relationship with their father may not be positive, while for others it might bring joy. Our experience can affect how we view God as the Heavenly Father.I took a dare from my older brother to climb the big poplar […]

25 Ways to Slay Summer Boredom

25 Summer Activities

Summer is upon us. Schools are out and the weather’s heating up. Busyness or boredom will soon strike many households, creating a different mindset for parents.Summer is a perfect time to discover new things and create memories.Try a new recipe. Since ribs were on sale, I bought some to try a new taste treat. Slow […]