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Seven Tips to Prepare for Christmas

7 tips to prepare for Christmas

 “Prepare the way for the Lord.”Centuries ago, the prophet Isaiah spoke those words that changed history. God was preparing the way for our Savior.The sovereign God had a master plan for our redemption. Prophecies were fulfilled at the precise time leading to the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.Today we celebrate Christmas with a lot preparation of our own.Tis the […]

Thanks-Living, The Benefits of a Thankful Heart


An attitude of gratitude cultivates many blessings and benefits.Benefit 1: A thankful heart acknowledges reliance of God.God is the giver of the big and small blessings in each day. Family, food, home, and modern conveniences have been on my list. Increased awareness of them leads to a prayer of thanks; this is another example of the “circle […]

Everyday Gratitude

Everyday Gratitude

Gratitude increases our awareness of the Giver of the blessings in our lives.Year ago, this scenario played out in front of me every week.Rick’s car pulled into the driveway; the engine turned off. Upon hearing his footsteps, our young children rushed to the door.“Daddy’s home! Daddy!”Opening the door, two blond-haired kiddos raced to him, jumping into […]